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Athletic trainer honored

Southeastern Health Athletic Trainer Brendon Jonsson, who provides athletic trainer services at Red Springs High School, was presented with the Lifesaver Recognition Award by the North Carolina Athletic Trainer Association during a conference held March 4 in Wilmington, NC.

Jonsson was recognized with the award for performing his job with exceptional skill by recognizing the signs of a severe spleen injury and getting proper, immediate medical care for a Red Spring High School football player who took a violent hit in September 2015.


“I was literally doing my job as a first responder, giving that initial evaluation to recognize any life-threatening injuries,” said Jonsson.  “And once we did recognize it, we took the steps that we needed to give him the attention that he needed. It is just what we do every day.”

Southeastern Health provides athletic trainers to all high schools within the Public Schools of Robeson County system as part of a program that was implemented in 2011. For more information about the program, contact Southeastern Orthopedics at (910) 738-1065.

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