Southeastern Orthopedics- Lumberton NC

Trauma Care Overview

Our highly skilled orthopedic team uses the best in state-of-the art techniques to provide you with the outstanding treatment for any orthopedic trauma. 

Types of Trauma Surgery:

  • Fractures in adults/children
  • Peri-prostatic fractures
  • Insufficiency fractures
  • Casting of fractures
  • Plating and intramedullary casting of fractures

Our orthopedic team consists of highly qualified and experienced trauma specialists who will provide specialized care for the trauma patient with significant injuries such as multiple broken bones, compound fractures and fractures near a joint.  Bone fractures that can be successfully treated with immobilization in a cast will be treated at our office.  Those fractures that need surgery will be approached with instrumentation based on the medical condition of the patient and their activity level.  Your orthopedic physician will prescribe a progressive treatment plan to ensure the fractured bone or bones will be completely healed. 



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